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Biker Friendly Accommodation
 Biker Friendly Accommodation

          Rides out



La Pierre Ste Martin

Route to


Just 17 Miles




44 miles

Used many times by the TOUR DE FRANCE




On the way to the Soulor after leaving the Aubisque

50 miles




On the way back from the


50 miles





Ossau Valley

winter view

45 miles





Ossau Valley

summer view


Looking towards Spain.


On the way to the

Col Somport

50 miles






20 miles 




Roncal valley

27 miles














Pic du Midi






20 miles







Just over an hours ride









50 miles



Famous Canfranc


40 miles






Roncal Valley Spain

30 miles

Ossau Valley looking towards Spain

 Traffic free roads

 Lae de Haut offers many circular routes, the route take you out of France over the Col into Spain and returns you via another valley so that you are not repeating the views.

 Artouste, Little train is a must.

Can you see them

 You can see them now


Here at La Pierre Ste Martin we took the ski lift to the top, you can walk down or ride your mountain bike down, we took the 3rd option and returned to base on the ski lift.

Mountee impossible Arette

 19 August 2018?

Specially built motorbike try to climb the mountain side

70% incline

Just 3 miles from Lae de Haut

 Aventure Parc

Just 5 mins away from Lae de Haut 

Just as many adults take part as children

It is worth a visit just for the views and the walks around the park


Just enjoy a cuppa at the snack bar while you take note of the views.

This is what you do after your ride out

Drink and eat or eat and drink


bike talk

Jurancon Wine tasting routes

The Bearnese Pyrenees are home to exceptional birds of prey, including bearded vultures, griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and eagles.

Certain species once threatened with extinction have seen their numbers increase. Indeed, it has become commonplace to see circling above the valleys of the Bearnese Pyrenees one of France’s largest birds of prey: the bald vulture. This bird, with a 2.5-metre wingspan, lives in colonies, nesting on cliffs. It drifts above pastures searching for carrion, both dead wild animals and injured sheep. Bald vultures are the “refuse collectors” of the mountains. It can also be seen gliding over the villages, as can the Egyptian vulture. The appearance of this little migrating vulture signals the return of spring. Its yellow head and its white wings with black borders have earned it the nickname “Maria Blanca” in the Pyrenees. The Bearnese valleys are fortunate to welcome this vulture whose numbers are dropping in the rest of Europe. It’s always a thrill to catch sight of them circling overhead.



 Pau white water centre

Here you can take part or take a picnic and enjoy the events


There is a Restuarant on site

 There are many location for rafting, this one starts in Navarrenx and at the end you have the option of a BBQ along side of the river.

 Aramits Fete

Dancing in the streets, craft & Food stalls and sheep dog trials

Just 1 mile away

3rd weekend in September each year,

 Aramits home of the 3 musketeers

 Kakuatta gorge just 20 minutes away

 Holzarte Gorge on the GR10, 20 minutes drive away.

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